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Network Analysis using Wireshark – Applications Analysis – Online

Network Analysis using Wireshark – Applications Analysis – Online


This course is the third in a series of three courses, in which we will learn about the analysis and troubleshooting of network applications. In the course we talk about analysis and troubleshooting of Internet-based applications like DNS, HTTP/HTTPs, FTP and Mail protocols, enterprise network protocols like NetBIOS, Databases, VoIP and Multimedia and more. All topics covered in the course include theory, case studies and hand-on exercises, and is based on the new Wireshark version 3.


By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand common applications behavior over the network.
  • Locate abnormal behavior of network protocols and applications.
  • Analyze performance degradation issues and locate their causes.
  • Locate the root cause for most common network problems.


Target Audience

R&D, engineering, and technical Support, IT and communications managers



Network Analysis using Wireshark – Software and Tools and Core Protocols courses. Basic knowledge in networking and the TCP/IP protocol stack (Introduction to Networking course level) with basic level understanding of Windows/Linux shell scripts and Python



12 hours



DNS Traffic Analysis

  • DNS, MDNS and Secured DNS (DNSsec) – the theory
  • IPv4 and IPv6 record types
  • Normal and suspicious behavior of DNS
  • How to isolate unusual behavior of DNS
  • Configuring smart DNS filters
  • DNS performance issues

HTTPv1/2 Traffic analysis, including Fiddler

  • HTTP operation and message structure
  • HTTP request methods and statues codes
  • Analyses HTTP streams: normal operation and problems
  • How to watch HTTP statistics
  • How to export HTTP objects
  • Analyzing HTTPs communications
  • Packet analysis and troubleshooting

FTP Traffic Analysis

  • FTP/FTPs principles of operation
  • Active and passive FTP
  • FTP performance and how to locate performance problems

Enterprise Applications Analysis and Troubleshooting

  • MS-Terminal and Citrix operation and troubleshooting
  • SMB/CIFS operation and analysis
  • DCS/RPC operation and analysis
  • Database applications analysis (from the network point of view)

SIP, IPT and Streaming applications

  • IP telephony principles of operations
  • SIP principles of operations, messages, and error codes
  • RTP, RTCP and media transfer
  • Video over IP and RTSP
  • Normal operation and what might get wrong
  • Wireshark features for IPT – SIP, VoIP Calls, RTP, RTSP
  • Capture and display filters for IPT and multimedia
  • Wireshark features for IPT – RTP session parameters and stream analysis, filters and RTP playback feature



  1. Analyzing SIP connectivity problems
  2. Analyzing SSL/TLS connectivity
  3. Analyzing DNS resolving problems
  4. Analyzing performance issues that are caused due to DNS
  5. Analyzing slow DB problems
  6. Analyzing NetBIOS connectivity issues
  7. Analyzing NetBIOS performance issues
  8. Analyzing Slow Terminal performance
  9. Analyzing DNS performance problems
  10. Analyzing FTP connectivity issues
  11. Analyzing FTP performance issues
  12. Analyzing SMTP and POP performance problems
  13. Analyzing HTTP connectivity
  14. Analyzing HTTP performance issues
  15. Analyzing SIP connectivity problems
  16. Analyzing degradation in voice quality
  17. Analyzing video freezes


  • 12 Hours, online
  • Case studies
  • Extensive
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