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NDI Communications specializes in consulting, engineering and training in highly complex communications systems. Established in 1999 by network specialists we focus on communications networks and network security, in land-line campus networks, wireless and cellular networks.

Data network optimization is about adapting the network, technically and economically, to the organization's requirements, and you will be surprised how your network can be improved.
Design and implementation of migration to autonomous networks, from the first levels of event-reaction, through Python with netmiko/ncclient and to the SDN and other software driven networks.
The network is slow? users are disconnecting from the network? suspected bottlenecks? Using SNMP, Telemetry, Wireshark, and other smart tools we will help you to solve your network issues.
There are many risks that your network is exposed to, from simple DDoS and malware's to smart spoofing and smurf attacks, we help you design and implement a network protection
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