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Description Securing the information systems environment is one of the important tasks of the organization IT. This course focuses on
Description The Introduction to Data Networking and TCP/IP course presents the basic theory of network’s hardware and software. The course
Course Description IPv6, first released in 1995, has become an integral part of IoT applications and mobile networks, causing its
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In this article, we talk about communications protocols and methods used in IoT networks, including Wi-Fi and cellular implementations, LoRa and LoRaWAN, 802.15.4, ZigBee, and more.
In this article, we talk about the principles and operation of wireless networks, with emphasis on the new WiFi-6 (802.11ax) standards, along with design and implementation guidelines.
The network is slow? users are disconnecting from the network? suspected bottlenecks? Using SNMP, Telemetry, Wireshark, and other smart tools we will help you to solve your network issues.

Experience in various fields in Data/Telco networks, with specialization in network design and TS

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I have been working with NDI communication for more than two decades, collaborating while working in various hi-tech companies. I have always enjoyed hosting their courses, mainly because of the depth and high level of details of their training programs. Highly interactive, engaging, and effective e-learning that covers the communication
Omer Fuchs Head of partner success, Sisense
  We at Synerion system Ltd have a great experience  with NDI. We found them very professional and we improve our IT team in several scales  by using their knowledge. I am recommending them as a very high level of experts in IT  and  Cyber security.
Avner Mymon CEO EMEA, Synerion Systems Ltd.
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Design and implementation of migration to autonomous networks, from the first levels of event-reaction, through Python with netmiko/ncclient and to the SDN and other software driven networks.
Here we talk about the TCP sliding window mechanism, Zero-Window and Window-Full symptoms, what we can learn from them, and when and why they indicate slowness problems.
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